4. usuallythemedic replied to your photoset:dallas you jinxed me you butt

    The curse of the buttface. We all feel it.


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    its beautiful,what mod is this

    Its called “Magical Pony ENB 3.5: Return of the Invisible Everything Oh My God My Eyes”

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  6. dallas you jinxed me you butt

  7. Today was a good Goodwill day!

  8. theprettiestsiren:


    Pretty sure this is supposed to be a reference from Fallout, but I thought the bear has two heads so I’m not sure. What are you guy’s thoughts? #fallout #notSure

    That’s California’s actual flag, their flag has the star and a bear walking on grass, fallout takes it and makes it a two headed bear instead.

    yes i can confirm that california’s flag was like that long before fallout


  9. oh boy gotta go to bed early tonight, I’ve got orientation at the new job in the morning!!


  10. zanekrios said: would you happen to have a mod list for fallout I've been wanting to make the game a little more graphic hheavy . =)

    YEAH!!! So currently you’re seeing two different modsets, so I guess I’ll talk about both of them.

    Every morning around 11 something I post a Fallout screen (THANK YOU QUEUE). These are from my old build, and you can find my list of mods for those HERE. Note that I did not use an ENB in this build.

    I currently estimate that these screens will run out sometime in late November, early December, by which time screens from the BONE WAGON build will start posting.

    The past couple days I’ve been working on setting up a new set of mods for the new machine (aka the Bone Wagon)—time for a change and whatnot. I’m not entirely done, but I’m using a combination of NMC and Ojo Bueno textures, the FNV realistic lighting and interior lighting mods, and Nevada skies. I’m not entirely used to Nevada skies yet, the textures are more low res than everything else I’m working with. I’ve settled on the Apenglow ENB preset for the time being ( falloutspookgingrich hope this answers your question too!)

    I hope you find this helpful!